Red Oil Painting


I am Jo Walsh a recently self taught digital and mixed media artist with a love of dark fantasy, Gothic , surreal art and photography.
Whilst on my art journey I came across an early photograph of an indigenous American by Edward Curtis. I was immediately enthralled and wished to know more of the man in the photograph. Very quickly I become  immersed in discovering the history of the past and present lives and culture of the Indigenous American Peoples and began creating a body of work inspired by them. I am currently researching  the history of the First Nations People and especially the role the Europeans played in the atrocious way they were treated. Sadly, I have become a aware that this maltreatment is very obviously ongoing.  I’m also incredibly interested in their belief systems and being one with nature, Mother earth and spirit. 
As a consequence of my interest I now have a diploma in the Akashic Records from the International Alliance of Holistic Therapies and am in the process of learning about Spirit Guides.
Other creative influences are my proximity in the UK to the moors of Emily Bronte and the old town of Whitby, where Bram Stoker penned Dracula. I am also fond of artists such as Hieronymus Bosch and Mark Rydon, the fantasy/sci-fi books of China Mieville and Korean horror films
I love to work in all kinds of media such as watercolour, pastels, collage and clay. I have taught myself to use Photoshop and enjoy bringing my art and photography into the programme to create something new and exciting. Much of my Tribal Spirits artwork is created in this way, using vintage, out of copyright photographs from the late 1800’s. I feel that I am helping to bring these records of past lives back to life and I hope you find something to interest and excite you in my art as much as I have found in creating it.